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Do YOU Want a NEW LIFE in the NEW WORLD?!

Ready for Adventure? To Explore new Vistas?!

Ready to be Well Paid to see the far reaches of the New World?!

Then SIGN UP!! Join Halivar’s GOLDEN ARROWS

You’ve left your old life behind, for one reason or another, and find yourself in Wislandor. Low on funds & options, not wanting to settle for being a laborer or farm hand, this poster catches your eye.

Why not? A chance to make some real money and a name for yourself. The New World seems ripe for those willing to risk, so unlike the stultified and corrupt Empire. Take the chance and see where the fates will blow you next!


This game will be set in a world inspired by the Iron Dragon board game using the Iron Claw RPG rules. Players will be (at least initiallly) members of Halivar’s Golden Arrows, a mercenary company. We’ll be using a “Cast” play style, where each player will not only have their own main hero (a Lieutenant) , but a few Sargents of their own & a pool of Grogs for all players to use to fill up odd slots. Depending on the mission or needs of a session player will chose one or more characters to bring with them to the encounter.

Home Page

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